Literacy and Learning French

  • Taka t’amuser: offers literacy and numeracy games for kids  and use their French skills.  Choose your child’s age on the left (Maternelle = Kindergarten)  *You need Flash to be able to play.
  • Pearson-ERPI:  activities for kids according to grade level (grades 1-6)
  • Abracadabra:  guided reading and writing activities for French learners
  • La souris qui raconte: Interactive books that can be listened to with age suggestions

Listening and understanding

Les mathématiques

  • Aquamath: You need to add a name (does not have to be the child’s real name) and a Fish name.  *Requires Flash*
  • Les jeux de maths 

Learning for the 21st Century


KQED Public Media for Northern CA


teaching ideas for reading and writing with links to children's literature


Learning for the 21st Century

Watch. Connect. Read.

Learning for the 21st Century