Mission Public School District has access to various resources in the British Columbia Digital Classroom (BCDC).

Each school has its own login and password.

Contact your Teacher Librarian to get the log-in information.

There are many great K-6 resources  including: (Click on the image to go to the access page.)

Access EBSCO Magazines :


  • Jack and Jill: Health focus (US) (Ages 7-10)
  • Ask: Science focus (US)
  • Canadian Geographic: (Physical, Human, Historical Geography, Earth Science, Social Studies)
  • ChildArt: (US) (Ages 8-12) (Critical Thinking, Creativity)
  • Cricket: (US) (Ages 6-14) (Literacy, Promotes love of reading)
  • Fun for Kidz: (US) (Children’s Interst)
  • Highlights: (US) (Children’s Interest) (Connections to Science, Arts, Social Studies)
  • Horse and Rider (US): (Equestrian sports) (Physical Education, Passion Projects, Animal Science)
  • Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids (Ages 7-11) (Social Studies)

Access to a list of  EBSCO Databases:


Other Recommended Databases:

“This in-depth, user-friendly digital library contains over 100,000 high quality videos and images, audio recordings, and fact files of the world’s plants and animals. ARKive will support elementary students as they explore the natural world, conservation of species and habitats, and global diversity. Teachers will find an array of teaching resources, including fact cards, notes, student worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, and resource packs.” (ERAC Review)

BC Species and Ecosystems Explorers:

“This extensive BC-focused database covers endangered, threatened, extirpated, or extinct animals, plants, and ecosystems. Designed as a technical tool, it offers comprehensive search options, links to primary sources and Google images, and detailed bibliographic information. Although academic in nature, with teacher assistance it would be invaluable to a discussion of sustainability and land use in BC.” (Gr. 4+) (ERAC Review)

candian encyclopediaThe Canadian Encyclopedia
candian encyclopedia  l’Encyclopédie Canadienne
Candian wildlife federation Canadian Wildlife Federation Encyclopedia
Candian wildlife federation  Fédération canadienne de la faune – les encyclopédies
 canadian geographic (Animal Facts) Canadian Geographic Kids
cosewic-cosepac_engCOSEWIC A to Z Species at Risk Index  
cosewic-cosepac_engIndex des espèces en péril de A à Z
 Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada: Kids’ Stop

“This engaging, student-friendly Canadian resource promotes First Nations, Metis, and Inuit culture and history. Suitable for grades K-12, this site is easy to navigate and has an array of videos, games, and fact sheets to introduce students to Canada’s Indigenous people. There are many options for educators to download files, lesson plans, audio and video files.” (ERAC Review)

Affaires autochtones et du Nord Canada: Carrefour Jeunesse
nfb Kids’ Movies – National Film Board
NASA Education
Vancouver Aquarium: Learn
World Digital Library:

“This site is an excellent research base of primary source documents, accompanied by extensive visuals. The resource engages students and allows for a variety of learning styles as they can choose their own journey through the site, through maps, timelines, places, languages, etc. The majority of articles can also be computer narrated, in a variety of languages, which makes this useful for ELL classrooms, as well. The resource is well-organized with each article following a pattern, and very easy for students to use.” (ERAC Review)


Remember to give credit to the image creator!

Pics4Learning Pics4Learning:

Free, copyright-friendly photos for education

PhotosforclassPhotos For Class:

“Age Appropriate Images – All images are appropriate for the school setting, thanks to Flicker SafeSearch and our proprietary filters.  Automatic Citation – Downloaded images automatically cite the author and the image license terms. Creative Commons – All photos shown are, to the best of our (and Flickr’s) knowledge, licensed by Creative Commons for public use.”

google logo  Google Advanced Image Search




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KQED Public Media for Northern CA


teaching ideas for reading and writing with links to children's literature


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