Virtual Field Trips

A Journey into Time Immemorial
“‘A Journey into Time Immemorial’ is based on the story of Xá:ytem Longhouse in Mission, BC in the Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver BC”
Virtual Museum of Canada
Expedition Arctic/Expédition Arctique:
“Share the journey to the Arctic with Canadian Museum of Nature scientists, Arctic experts and students from Students on Ice.”
National Gallery of Canada: Online Exhibitions
Includes Ulluriat, 28 works from the Inuit Collection.
Canadian Museum of Nature: Explore Nature
Includes mobile apps, websites, blogs, videos and multimedia presentations.
Smithsonian Education:  Sizing Up the Universe
Smithsonian Education:  Walking on the Moon
Smithsonian Museum Virtual Field Trip:
Visit galleries at the Smithsonian Museum
Smithsonian Self-directed Tour:
Choose where you want to go, places for close ups and enjoy a 3D view around where you stand.
Smithsonian Interactive Dinosaur Exhibit
A virtual walk through a Finish forest:
This forest has a guide, options to zoom in or find additional information on different animals.  Many similar species to BC. Might work well for a comparison between the two ecosystems.
Google Cultural Institute: World Wonders

Learning for the 21st Century


KQED Public Media for Northern CA


teaching ideas for reading and writing with links to children's literature


Learning for the 21st Century

Canadian Geographic

Learning for the 21st Century

Col. Chris Hadfield

Learning for the 21st Century

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Where book love and the joy of a classroom community are shared

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Learning for the 21st Century