Evaluating Sources

“You found a great website, book, or article……
Can it pass the CARDS test?

Is the information
Credible  (you believe the information is true)

Accurate (with documentation and good links)

Relevant (to your research question, does the information help to answer your question?)

Date (When was it created? Does the date matter?)

Is the
Scope and purpose of the information what you really need for your project?

Do you want a hint about the author’s purpose? 
Here’s a list to help you sort out who’s who and what’s what. 
.ac  – educational institution (like .edu)
.biz –  business that could be trying to sell  a product
.ca  – Canadian government site
.com – commercial, usually a business
.edu – school, university, museum, or educational site
.gov – U.S. government site
.int  – international institution
.mil – U.S. military site
.museum – museum
.name – individual internet user
.net – network service provider
.org – organization, often non-profit
(can provide accurate information but usually has a bias)
.pro – professional’s site”
(Source: Retrieved from  http://brookscollegepreplibrary.weebly.com/evaluating-sources.html, November 30, 2015)
Other Useful Tips:
Evaluating Websites with Students:

Elementary level evaluation form included


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